Microsoft 365 & SharePoint

Microsoft 365


Microsoft 365 offers many services and tools to support individuals and companies in their daily work. Microsoft Teams and SharePoint are very important components in the Microsoft 365 landscape with a vast array of features. Sometimes however, it just does not have what you need. We can help by offering software development services to fill in the gap by implementing building blocks within your infrastructure. All built with the same tooling as Microsoft uses, and of course according to Microsoft best practices.

Some examples of custom development:

  • Custom web part with news aggregation
  • Applying company style to sites
  • Create custom connectors to on premise legacy databases
  • Add navigation features to company intranets
  • Implement complex forms
  • Implement form processing (workflow)
  • Migration tooling
  • Custom web templates

If you are in doubt about how to accomplish your requirements you can always contact us. We are glad to help.

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